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Our Work is Our Art

We take pride and what we do, and behind each button there is a plan to execute with perfection.

Upholstery is not just a job, but an ART. From Custom Fabric Printing to Full Grain Genuine Lather, We design exactly how much material is needed and what the look should be. 

Each Restaurant Bench is discussed in fine detail in order to execute with success. 

Please have a look at our ART Gallery and Enjoy

Restaurant Upholstery

Interior Worx strive to enrich one’s experience of space, materials, texture and craftsmanship through the experience of Interior Design. We believe that exemplary design not only provides functional space, but acts as a lens through which we view, understand, and appreciate which we view, understand, and appreciate the natural and man-made world.



Moto Moto

Turn 'n Tender

Food Chane



Residential Upholstery

Ashton Leather

Drake Leather

Gabriel Leather

Harrison Leather

Fabric Chester

Leather Chester

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